Gallery: Furrow and Slice

Furrow and Slice

Here are the photographs I made in the Hickory, PA area between 2003 and 2008, including the images that appear in my book, Furrow and Slice. All the photographs were made with a Rollei SL66 named Rachel and a variety of lens, with Kodak Plus X Pan, commercially developed, then scanned and printed digitally. A few of the original prints, an approximate 10” x 10” carbon-pigment image printed on 13” x 17” archival Somerset Velvet unenhanced watercolor paper, are available through Sewickley Gallery (

The name of the series comes from the terms used in plowing with a mortarboard plow. The furrow is the ditch left by the blade or share of the plow; the slice is the ribbon of dirt that is lifted up and flipped over into the furrow from the previous pass of the plough.