An Uncommon Field

An Uncommon Field:

The Flight 93 Temporary Memorial - Carnegie Mellon University Press

An Uncommon Field is a celebration and a unique interpretation of the Flight 93 Temporary Memorial that sprang up after 9/11 at the crash site near Shanksville, PA. The dramatic, evocative black-and-white photographs capture the power and magic of this special place as well as the unplanned beauty of the arrangements of personal items that visitors felt compelled to leave behind. In addition, brief prose meditations provide background information on the site and the events of that fateful day, and tell the stories of the author’s experiences as he took the photographs over a two-year period in all seasons and weathers. The book is a testament and tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 as well as to the outpourings of support and American spirit from those who came to pay their respects to what happened here. Though the temporary memorial was dismantled in 2009 to make way for the permanent National Memorial, its spirit lives on in this book of uncommon beauty.