Gallery: Everything Ends or Changes

Everything Ends or Changes

This series consists of images taken over a five-year period in the early and mid-1970s of the apartment at 1120 Union Street in San Francisco that I shared with my wife at the time Carol.

Everything Ends or Changes tells the story of the breakup of a marriage through groupings of photographs and linked short stories. The narrative takes place in shifting, ephemeral scenes that capture the sensory details of everyday life—in the same way that the photographs capture the sensory details of the stage setting of the couple’s everyday life. It is an ordinary Sunday; and as the day unfolds, we see a marriage unravel as “he” and “she” gingerly sidestep confrontation and navigate the emotional landmines between them. He tosses and turns in bed, conscious of every breath; she takes a shower, folding the towels and arranging her bathrobe just so. Aware of every creak on the stairs and every groan of the water pipes, they watch the cat (a character in herself appropriately named Grendel) as she crisscrosses the chasm that separates the couple.

The photographs of the series are either 10 “ x  12” or 10” x 10”carbon-pigment images, printed on 13” x 17” archival Somerset Velvet unenhanced watercolor paper.
The following portfolio shows photographs that aren’t included in the final series.